What Is 360 Training?

Your body is made up of more than just a bunch of muscles and joints – it’s an intricate matrix of connections that allow you to move through three planes of motion (transverse, frontal and sagittal).

Most training programs focus on only one or two planes of motion, but to get the best results the cutting edge of exercise science shows you need to train in an integrated way that’s true to your body's design. When you do this, you not only strengthen your muscles but your fascia and other connective tissue, which will make you leaner, faster and stronger than ever before. In essence, it's the way you need to train to function like a natural athlete and this is how today's top sports teams and athletes train.

Our 360-degree methodology uses highly specific combinations of athletic patterns, in multiple planes of motion to train your body the way it was designed to be used.



AGOGA is a specialist functional training studio in Bondi, Australia. We work with professional athletes, amateur athletes and those who want to train like an athlete.